5 Ways To Prepare for Tropical Storms

As a tree service operating in an area prone to tropical storms, preparation is key to minimizing damage and ensuring everyone’s safety when a big storm rolls through.

Drawing on our years of experience handling tropical weather events, here are 5 crucial ways Merge Tree Service prepares for hurricane season.

Trim Trees and Remove Hangers

The high winds of a tropical storm or hurricane can easily rip weak, damaged, and hanging branches right off a tree. To limit the debris that gets flung around, we systematically check all trees on clients’ properties in early spring and trim dead or unhealthy limbs.

For any branches already hanging loosely, we remove them so they don’t turn into dangerous projectiles when the winds pick up. Taking care of this maintenance well in advance of storm season helps avoid rushed, haphazard trimming when a hurricane is on the horizon.

Offer Storm Preparation Services

In addition to debris cleanup after a storm, Merge Tree Service offers proactive storm preparation services to help homeowners secure their properties.

This includes strategic branch removal to reduce wind resistance, cable and bracing installation to stabilize vulnerable trees, and root inspections to identify trees at risk of toppling over.

Taking these preventative measures can save trees and prevent costly damage. We provide free property assessments and customized preparation plans.

Coordinate Emergency Response Plans

When tropical storm warnings go into effect, we kick our emergency plans into high gear. Our team reviews storm projections and starts coordinating vehicle fueling, equipment checks, contingency supply stocking, and staff scheduling.

All hands are on deck to handle potential service calls for storm damage cleanup or repairs. We also prepare for damaged tree removal and safely address new hazards created by the winds and rains.

Stay Informed on Storm Tracking and Forecasts

By keeping a close eye on developing weather systems, we can mobilize right when a storm threat emerges. We monitor advisory services and storm projection models so we have as much lead time as possible. As a storm’s path become clearer, we refine our plans and equipment staging so we’re ready to deploy to the projected impact areas. Our clients can rest assured we’ll be tracking the forecast every step of the way.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Effective communication is critical when storms hit, so we make sure to keep clients updated before, during and after tropical weather events. We provide regular email alerts when threats are brewing and send prompt notifications if service schedules are disrupted. During active storms, we keep our office phone line open and active on social media so customers can reach us. After the winds die down, we continue providing recovery updates and take client calls to schedule necessary repairs or cleanups.

Staying Prepared for Safety

With tropical weather always a possibility in our coastal region, Merge Tree Service takes storm preparedness seriously. Our diligent planning and readiness allow us to swiftly respond whenever a hurricane or tropical storm threatens.

By following these key preparation strategies, we can protect our clients, community, and crew when turbulent weather comes our way. If you have any questions or needs related to storm prep or response, contact us today.

We’re here to help you weather the storm!

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