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Expert Tree Service in Pensacola by Merge

At Merge, our goal is to help you beautify your landscaping while preserving as much of the greenery as possible in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Tree removal

Storm Cleanup and Emergency Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Commercial and Residential Services

Stump Grinding

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Our team is here to help match your vision for your landscaping from a wide range of services, from tree removal to emergency cleanup.

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Here at Merge Tree Service, we care for trees throughout Pensacola, Florida.

No tree is too big or small for our team of ISA Certified Arborists to care for. We offer the full range of tree services to maintain the health, safety, and beauty of the urban forest in our coastal community.

As native Pensacola residents, we care deeply about the trees of our coastal community. Our goal is to provide responsible, ethical tree care that prioritizes the long-term health and longevity of your trees. We adhere to industry safety standards and continue our arborist education annually.

Lot and Land Clearing – We remove trees, stumps, brush, and undergrowth to prepare commercial or residential lots for development and construction.

Tree Planting and Transplanting – We carefully install new trees or relocate existing trees to enhance landscapes sustainably.

Full service company providing Next Level Tree SerVices that include the following below…

What we offer

Our services

Take a look at the extensive services offered by the #1 Tree Service Company in Pensacola – Merge Tree Service

Tree Pruning & Trimming

We strategically prune trees for health, structure, aesthetics, and clearance using techniques optimized for the tree’s biology.

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Tree Removal

When trees pose dangers or obstructions, we safely dismantle them to protect people and property from harm.

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Emergency Cleanup

We rapidly respond to storm damage and tree failures to clear urgent hazards and restore order quickly.

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Plant Health Care

Our arborists diagnose and treat insect infestations, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and other plant health issues organically.

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Stump Grinding

At Merge, we can safely and effectively get rid of those eyesore stumps with our professional stump grinding service.

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Commercial Services

We also specialize in commercial as well as residential tree services.

No job is too small or too big.

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