Storm Cleanup and Emergency Service for Pensacola

As a local tree service prepared for coastal weather, Merge Tree Service offers swift, thorough storm cleanup services following hurricanes, tornados, or severe thunderstorm winds. In this article, I’ll cover when storm cleanup is necessary, what to look for in a post-storm service provider, and how we help Pensacola residents and businesses recover.

When Do You Need Storm Cleanup?

Storm damage comes in many forms, some more obvious than others. Here are some indicators you need professional storm cleanup services:

  • Downed Trees – Trees or heavy limbs that have fallen on structures, vehicles, or power lines require immediate removal before causing additional damage.
  • Hanging Limbs – Branches left dangling in trees present an urgent hazard that certified arborists can remove safely.
  • Debris – Storm winds can scatter dangerous debris like roofing materials, siding, glass, and vegetation across properties and roadways.
  • Flooding – In addition to water extraction services, flooding may have dislodged walkways, walls, or trees that now require removal.
  • Leaks – Heavy rains can infiltrate under roof shingles, windows, and siding to damage interiors. Signs of water damage should be addressed quickly.

Even without obvious destruction, have a professional inspect for hidden structural weaknesses, uprooted trees at risk of falling later, and other latent storm damage that should be corrected.

Storm Cleanup Safety Hazards

Attempting do-it-yourself cleanup of storm damage presents many dangers due to instability, electricity, and contamination:

  • Downed Power Lines – Assume all fallen lines are live. Never attempt to move lines yourself, as this can cause electrocution. Leave it to the utility company.
  • Structural Instability – Wind and water can compromise building integrity. Damaged roofs, walls, floors, and foundations often need assessment and reinforcement.
  • Broken Glass & Nails – Storm debris contains hidden sharp objects that can cause puncture wounds and lacerations.
  • Dislodged Fuel Tanks – Above-ground pools, propane tanks, and septic tanks can become unmoored and leak hazardous chemicals.
  • Contaminated Floodwater – Floodwaters contain elevated levels of germs, sewage, chemicals, and debris capable of causing illness.

Allowing professionals with the right equipment and training to handle storm cleanup keeps you, your family, and home safe.

What to Look for in a Storm Cleanup Company

Here are the top traits to seek out for safe, quality storm cleanup:

  • Rapid Response – The sooner debris can be cleared and repairs made, the less secondary damage from exposure to the elements. Choose a provider ready to mobilize crews immediately.
  • Licensed & Insured – Licenses confirm they meet local requirements for storm cleanup services. Insurance protects you from liability if workers are injured on site.
  • 24/7 Availability – With storms, damage can occur at any hour. Seek emergency availability nights and weekends to tarp roofs, remove trees from homes, etc.
  • Safety Mindset – The company should have a safety-focused culture with worker protective gear, inspected equipment, and procedures to prevent injury.
  • Complete Services – Repairs like roofing, siding, drywall, and flooring simplify by using a company offering a full range of storm recovery services.

Why Choose Merge Tree Service?

As local residents ourselves, we care deeply about helping our Pensacola neighbors recover quickly and completely from storms. We stay prepared with emergency response plans and storm availability so we can mobilize immediately when disasters strike.

Our ISA Certified Arborists safely remove downed trees, prune broken branches, and eliminate any tree hazards with rope rigging techniques. We tarp damaged roofs and tarp uncovered belongings to provide temporary protection from the elements. If needed, we can pump out floodwaters and remove soggy drywall and insulation to inhibit mold growth.

We wear cut-resistant gloves, protective eyewear, hard hats, and steel toe boots during debris clearing to prevent injury. We can refer you to our local network of licensed contractors for any necessary repairs or reconstruction needs after removing debris. Rely on Merge Tree Service’s storm readiness and complete services to restore your property safely.


Don’t attempt to clear storm damage yourself and expose your family to unnecessary safety risks. Our rapid response team has the training, equipment, and expertise to clear debris, eliminate dangers, and limit further damage quickly and completely. Contact Merge Tree Service to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

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