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Removing a dying, damaged, or overgrown tree often leaves an unattractive stump in its place.

Stump grinding is the best method to eliminate the remaining stump and roots from your landscape.

As a full service tree company, Merge Tree Service offers complete stump grinding to restore your yard after necessary tree removal. In this article, I’ll explain what stump grinding involves, what to look for when hiring a company, and how we perform expert stump removal.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding utilizes a powerful, rotating cutting disc to grind away the entire stump and root system. The grinder chews up the wood into small chips or sawdust that break down naturally. Below ground, the roots are removed to a width and depth specified by the client.

Above ground, stumps can be ground flush with the earth or below grade.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Here are the main advantages of grinding over trying to remove a stump manually with a shovel:

  • Thorough – Grinders pulverize roots deep underground, leaving no remnants behind. Manual digging often leaves portions of the stump and roots.
  • Quick – Large stumps that would take days to dig out manually can be ground within hours. The work is completed quickly with less disruption to your landscaping.
  • Clean – There is no back-breaking work hauling and disposing of heavy stump pieces, logs, and dirt. The grinder neatly churns the stump into a pile of wood chips.
  • Versatile – Grinders can remove stumps of all sizes in spaces too tight for excavators. They provide full access along fences and foundations.
  • Complete – The area is left smooth and level, ready for new landscaping or re-seeding. No hazards remain for twisting ankles or mower blades.
  • Affordable – Grinding costs significantly less than renting an excavator or backhoe to dig out and haul away stumps. It makes clean removal affordable.

What to Look For in a Stump Grinding Contractor

When hiring a company to grind stumps on your property, look for these indicators of expertise:

  • Proper Equipment – Commercial grade stump grinders are powerful enough to pulverize tough roots. Avoid providers trying to “grind” with hand tools.
  • Trained Staff – Operators should have experience gauging how deep and wide to grind each stump for complete removal.
  • Safety Gear – Shrapnel protection, dust masks, hearing protection, and eye shields keep workers safe while grinding near your home.
  • Insurance Protection – The company should carry liability insurance to cover property repairs in the unlikely event of a mishap. Ask to see proof.
  • Efficiency – Established companies grind stumps quickly with minimal disturbance to the rest of your landscape.
  • Clean Work Site – The company should remove all wood debris, leaving behind an immaculately clean yard. Beware of those who try to leave piles behind.
  • Review Checks – Read online reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau to confirm a reliable reputation.

Why Choose Merge Tree Service for Stump Grinding in Pensacola?

Our team has extensive experience removing any size stump quickly, safely, and completely.

Our commercial grade Bandit stump grinder makes quick work of large, robust stumps while navigating tight spaces and avoiding underground utilities with care. We take extra steps to protect your yard, such as installing plywood ramps to prevent turf damage from our machine.

We wear protective gear to contain dust and debris until the stump and roots have been fully ground. After grinding, we diligently rake and vacuum any remaining sawdust and chips. We’ll even top dress the area with fresh soil for re-planting. Contact Merge Tree Service for smooth, reliable stump grinding that restores your yard.

For affordable, low-hassle stump removal that restores your landscape, rely on the experts at Merge Tree Service. Our stump grinding services erase any evidence a tree was there, allowing you to replant with confidence. For sustainable, efficient stump removal, call us today.

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